Aspire Total Relief Memory Foam Mattress Review: A True Sleep Solution?

When it comes to investing in a quality mattress, the choices can be overwhelming. In the vast ocean of bedding options, the “Aspire Total Relief Memory Foam Mattress” promises not just a sleep solution, but a total relief experience. Does it stand up to its name? Let’s find out.

Aspire Total Relief Memory Foam Mattress Sale

Aspire Total Relief Memory Foam Mattress Review - Summary Table

BrandAspire Furniture
FirmnessMedium Firm
Warranty5 Years
Country of ManufactureUK
Mattress StructureMemory foam
Mattress FillingMemory foam

Total Relief Memory Foam Mattress - A Closer Look:

The Aspire Total Relief Memory Foam Mattress boasts a construction of second-generation high-density memory foam, ensuring maximum comfort and longevity. What this means for sleepers is a plush mattress surface that cradles the body, relieving pressure on bones, joints, and muscles.

The 19cm layer of eco and reflex foams paired with HD memory foam allows a gentle sinking sensation. This combination of materials ensures durability while also providing the support needed for a good night’s sleep.

Another significant advantage is its transportation-friendly design. Supplied vacuum packed and rolled, it’s perfect for tight spaces and attic rooms that are often challenging to furnish.

Aspire Total Relief Memory Foam Mattress Sizes

Mattress SizeDimensions
Single (3’0)90 x 190cm
Small Single (2’6)75 x 190cm
Small Double (4’0)120 x 190cm
Double (4’6)135 x 190cm
King (5’0)150 x 200cm
Super King (6’0)180 x 200cm

Total / Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress - Pros and Cons


  1. Top-Quality Material: High-density memory foam promises a longer lifespan and comfort.
  2. Eco and Reflex Foams: Provides additional support and eases pressure points.
  3. Easy Transport: Vacuum packed and rolled for moving convenience.
  4. Versatile: Suitable for all types of bed bases and frames.
  5. UK Standards: Meets all of the UK’s quality and safety standards.


  1. Medium Firmness: Might not be suitable for those who prefer a softer or firmer feel.
  2. Memory Foam Heat: As with most memory foam mattresses, might retain more heat compared to traditional mattresses.

Aspire Total Relief Memory Foam Mattress Review - The Verdit

In conclusion, the Aspire Total Relief Memory Foam Mattress promises a blend of luxury, support, and convenience. It is clear that Aspire Furniture has put careful thought into its design and materials. For those in the market for a medium-firm, high-quality memory foam mattress, this product is undeniably worth considering.

Aspire Furniture Mattress Sale

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  • Heat Retention: Memory foam tends to retain heat, which can make the mattress feel warmer. This might not be comfortable for everyone, especially during hotter months.
  • Initial Off-Gassing: New memory foam mattresses might release a chemical smell when first unpacked, a phenomenon known as off-gassing. This odor usually dissipates within a few days.
  • Heaviness: Memory foam mattresses can be quite heavy, making them difficult to move or rotate.
  • Slow Response Time: The foam contours to your body shape, but it can take some time to return to its original shape once pressure is removed. This can be a concern for those who change positions frequently during sleep.

Many doctors recommend memory foam mattresses, especially for patients who have chronic pain or pressure point issues. Memory foam contours to the body, providing support and alleviating pressure. However, individual needs vary, so it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional about specific health concerns.

The cost of a memory foam mattress can be influenced by several factors including the density of the foam, the quality of materials used, the manufacturing process, and the brand’s markup. Cheaper memory foam mattresses might use low-density foam, which may not be as durable or supportive as higher-density foams.

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