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Mattress Sizes in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the fundamental elements of a good night’s sleep is a comfortable bed, and at the heart of this comfort lies the mattress. However, before buying one, it’s essential to understand the various sizes available in the UK to ensure it meets your needs and fits perfectly in your space.

Below, we’ll explore the standard sizes for UK mattresses: Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King, and Superking.

Mattress Sizes Explained

1. Small Single: The smallest of the standard sizes, the Small Single mattress is ideal for kids’ rooms, guest rooms, or spaces with limited room. It provides ample space for a single sleeper but may be a bit tight for an adult.

2. Single: This is a popular choice for solo sleepers, especially for children and teenagers. It’s compact and can fit comfortably in most bedrooms.

3. Small Double: Also known as a “three-quarter bed,” the Small Double is perfect for those who want a bit more room than a Single but don’t have space for a full Double. It’s an excellent choice for teens or single adults.

4. Double: A standard choice for couples or individuals who like to have extra sleeping space. It’s roomy enough for two average-sized adults.

5. King: Offering a luxurious amount of space, the King-sized mattress is a favourite for couples who prefer plenty of sleeping space. It provides extra width and length compared to the Double.

6. Superking: As the name suggests, the Superking provides the maximum standard sleeping area. It’s the ultimate choice for those seeking space and comfort, and is especially popular among families where parents might share the bed with young children.

Size Chart

To provide a clearer understanding, below is a table showcasing the standard sizes of each mattress type in both centimetres and feet (inches).

Mattress TypeSize (cm)Size (feet & inches)
Small Single75 x 1902’6″ x 6’3″
Single90 x 1903’0″ x 6’3″
Small Double120 x 1904’0″ x 6’3″
Double135 x 1904’6″ x 6’3″
King150 x 2005’0″ x 6’6″
Superking180 x 2006’0″ x 6’6″

When choosing a mattress size, it’s essential to consider both your individual comfort needs and the space available in your bedroom. Whether you’re a solo sleeper or share your bed with a partner or even little ones, there’s a mattress size in the UK that will offer you the comfort you seek.