Silentnight Athens 1400 Mirapocket Ortho Mattress Review: A Haven for Restful Sleep


The Silentnight Athens 1400 Mirapocket Ortho Mattress stands out as a symbol of luxurious comfort and outstanding support, meticulously crafted to meet varied sleeping needs. This review dives deep into its unique features, benefits, and specifications, giving prospective buyers insights into why this mattress is a phenomenal choice.

Silentnight Athens 1400 Mirapocket Ortho Mattress Sale

Silentnight Athens 1400 Mirapocket Ortho Mattress Review - Summary Table:

Comfort FillingsEco Comfort Fibre™
Support System1400 Mirapocket Springs
Cover TypeKnitted
Guarantee5 Years
Chemical Treatment-FreeYes

Size and Weight Table:

Small Double120cm190cm27kg
King Size150cm200cm35.5kg

Silentnight 1400 Mirapocket Ortho Mattress - Exceptional Features:

Mirapocket Springs:

The Silentnight Athens mattress is enriched with 1400 hand-nested Mirapocket springs providing responsive support, scientific spinal alignment, and pressure relief, ensuring an undisturbed sleep by minimizing partner movement and roll-together.

2. Eco Comfort Fibre:

The sustainable Eco Comfort Fibre™ fillings offer a breathable and hypoallergenic environment, enhancing freshness and overall feel while being kind to the planet.

3. Orthopaedic Support:

The mattress provides orthopaedic support designed to cater to your backcare needs, distributing weight evenly and reducing pressure points for ultimate comfort.


This mattress comes with a plethora of benefits, including the 60 Night Comfort trial, allowing users to swap it if not satisfied after a substantial period. It is hypoallergenic, chemical treatment-free, and made from 100% sustainable sources, offering peace of mind and a healthier sleep. It also conforms to fire resistance standards and is approved by the National Bed Federation, ensuring quality and safety.

Pros and Cons:


  • 1400 Mirapocket springs ensure firm and responsive support.
  • Hypoallergenic and Eco Comfort Fibre™ for a fresher and healthier sleep.
  • Provides orthopaedic backcare and pressure relief.
  • Handmade in the UK with a 5-year guarantee.
  • Approved by the National Bed Federation for highest standards of quality and safety.


  • Firmness may not be suitable for those preferring a softer mattress.
  • Single-sided design means it does not need to be flipped, but requires regular rotation.

Final Thoughts:

The Silentnight Athens 1400 Mirapocket Ortho Mattress is a sanctuary for those seeking a firm, supportive, and environmentally friendly sleeping solution. The meticulous handcrafting, advanced features, and orthopaedic support make it a remarkable choice for individuals seeking superior comfort and restorative sleep.

Silentnight Athens 1400 Mirapocket Ortho Mattress Review - Conclusion:

Our Silentnight Athens 1400 Mirapocket Ortho Mattress review confirms it as a stellar choice for anyone valuing comfort, support, and sustainability. With its high-quality construction and numerous benefits, it stands out as a top contender in the mattress industry. Explore the serene comfort and unmatched support of this extraordinary mattress today!

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A Mirapocket mattress is a specialized mattress developed by Silentnight, one of the leading brands in the sleep industry. The defining feature of a Mirapocket mattress is its unique support system consisting of individually nested pocket springs. Each spring in a Mirapocket mattress reacts independently to the weight applied to it, offering tailored support and helping in maintaining spinal alignment and reducing pressure points. This technology aims to minimize partner disturbance by preventing roll-together and providing individual sleeping zones.

While both Mirapocket and traditional pocket sprung mattresses use individually pocketed springs, there are some distinctions between the two technologies:

  1. Innovation and Design:

    • Mirapocket: Silentnight’s Mirapocket technology represents an advancement in design and functionality, focusing on providing zonal support and ensuring spinal alignment.
    • Pocket Sprung: Traditional pocket sprung mattresses provide overall support and comfort but may not have the enhanced zoning and alignment features of Mirapocket mattresses.
  2. Support and Comfort:

    • Mirapocket: Offers more targeted support to different areas of the body and works to reduce pressure point build-up, providing both comfort and support.
    • Pocket Sprung: While also supportive and comfortable, traditional pocket sprung mattresses may not offer the same level of targeted support and pressure relief as Mirapocket mattresses.
  3. Brand Specific:

    • Mirapocket: This is a proprietary technology developed by Silentnight, offering a unique blend of comfort and support features.
    • Pocket Sprung: This is a general term used for mattresses containing springs encased in individual fabric pockets, and it is not exclusive to any particular brand.


While both Mirapocket and pocket sprung mattresses aim to provide high levels of comfort and support, Mirapocket technology offers advanced features like targeted support and enhanced spinal alignment, making it a preferable choice for those looking for refined sleep solutions. The Mirapocket design represents a specific brand’s innovation in the realm of pocket sprung mattresses, aiming to elevate the sleep experience by addressing individual sleep needs and preferences.

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