Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress Review: Unbeatable Comfort and Support

Are you seeking the ultimate in comfort and support for a blissful night’s sleep? Look no further than the Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress. Engineered with your well-being in mind, this mattress boasts a luxurious blend of natural wool and 1000 pocket springs, promising unparalleled coziness and individualized support for a rejuvenating slumber.

Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress Sale

Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress - Detailed Description:

The Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress epitomizes the epitome of comfort and support. The plush natural wool fillings offer a cozy embrace, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment. Wool’s innate breathability allows you to stay cool during summer and warm during winter.

The 1000 individual pocket springs, wrapped in cloth pockets, respond to your body’s unique contours, providing targeted support where needed most. The absence of motion transfer ensures an undisturbed, restorative sleep experience.

Crafted to perfection, this medium-firm mattress features a soft-touch fabric finish and is single-sided for your convenience. Simply rotate it using the turning handles provided to maintain its pristine condition. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year guarantee and compliance with stringent safety standards.

Key Benefits:

  • Free Next Day Delivery: Enjoy swift delivery at no additional cost, with an optional Premium Delivery Upgrade to have it placed in the room of your choice.
  • 60-Night Sleep Trial: Experience the comfort firsthand with a 60-night sleep trial. If you’re not completely satisfied, exchange it for another Sleepeezee mattress of your preference.
  • Individual Pocket Springs: With 1000 pocket springs, each responding independently to your body movements, expect outstanding support and minimal motion transfer for an uninterrupted night’s sleep.
  • Natural Wool Fillings: Luxurious layers of natural wool provide a plush, breathable comfort layer that regulates your body temperature throughout the year.
  • Hand-Tufted and Medium Firmness: Hand-tufted for enhanced support and longevity, this mattress strikes the perfect balance between softness and firmness.


  • Firmness: Medium
  • Comfort Fillings: Wool
  • Support System: Pocket Springs
  • Pocket Spring Count: 1000
  • Mattress Depth: 21cm
  • Border: Air Vents for enhanced air circulation
  • Single-Sided: No need to flip, just rotate
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Handcrafted in the UK: Supporting our economy and reducing environmental impact
  • Fire Resistance: Complies with BS7177: 2008 for home use

Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress - Size and Weight Options

Adjustable Small Single75cm200cm17.5kg
Adjustable Single90cm200cm21.01kg

  Please allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm or 1 inch.

Pros and Cons

Luxurious natural wool fillingsLimited to medium firmness
1000 pocket springs for supportSingle-sided design
Hand-tufted for enhanced supportNo option for customized firmness
Free 60-night comfort trialNot ideal for those seeking softness
Breathable with air vents 

Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress Review - Summary

In summary, the Sleepeezee 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress combines opulent materials and cutting-edge design to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Experience the difference this mattress can make in your sleep quality with our 60-night comfort trial. Invest in your well-being and transform your sleep today.


Adjustable mattresses can be a game-changer for many people, offering personalized comfort and support. I’ve found that being able to adjust the position of the mattress to suit different activities, like reading or watching TV in bed, is incredibly convenient. It can also help alleviate certain health issues like back pain or acid reflux. Plus, they’re great for finding that perfect sleeping position that promotes a good night’s rest.

It really depends on your personal preferences and needs. I’ve experienced both, and an adjustable bed offers a level of versatility that a flat bed doesn’t. Being able to elevate your upper body or legs can help with circulation, breathing, and comfort. However, a flat bed may be just as good if you don’t have specific health concerns or lifestyle preferences that necessitate an adjustable bed.

Typically, mattresses on adjustable beds last as long as regular mattresses, which is around 7-10 years. However, the longevity can be influenced by the mattress’s quality, materials, and how frequently you adjust the bed’s position. I’ve noticed that well-constructed mattresses tend to endure the adjustments quite well, maintaining their comfort and support over time.

Sleepeezee Mattress Sale

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