Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Mattress Review: Where Luxury Meets Quality

Welcome to our in-depth review of the Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Mattress. If you’re in search of the perfect balance between luxury, firm support, and natural fillings, this mattress might just be the ideal choice for you. In this review, we’ll explore the key features, benefits, specifications, and more to help you make an informed decision for a restful night’s sleep.

Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Mattress Sale

Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Mattress - Description:

The Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Mattress is designed to bring the luxury hotel experience to your home. With 1000 individual pocket springs, it provides tailored support, responding to your unique movements throughout the night. The natural fillings of wool and cotton ensure a plush and comfortable surface, promoting a refreshing night’s sleep.

The mattress boasts a superior firm feel, making it ideal for soothing everyday aches and pains. The hand-tufted, woven damask cover enhances comfort, while the built-in air vents facilitate better air circulation, preventing overheating during sleep.

One exceptional feature is its double-sided design, promoting long-lasting performance. Simply flip the mattress regularly using the turning handles provided to maintain its excellent condition. Engineered to meet demanding contract environment requirements, it complies with BS7177:2008 Source 5 – Medium Hazard regulations, offering peace of mind and safety assurance.

Summary Table:

Comfort FillingsWool, Cotton
Support SystemPocket Springs
CoverDamask Cover
BorderAir Vents
Guarantee5 years
Fire ResistanceConforms to BS7177: 2008 Source 5, suitable for commercial use

Sleepeezee Hotel 1000 Pocket Contract Mattress - Size and Weight Table:

SizeWidth (cm)Length (cm)Weight (kg)
King Size15020038.22

Pros and Cons:


  1. 60-Night Comfort Trial: Allows you to test the mattress and swap it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.
  2. Natural Fillings: Contains wool and cotton for a plush and comfortable sleep experience.
  3. Firm Support: Offers superior firmness, ideal for alleviating aches and pains.
  4. Double-Sided: Ensures lasting performance by allowing regular flipping and usage on both sides.
  5. BS7177:2008 Source 5 Compliant: Meets high safety standards, making it suitable for commercial use.


  1. Weight: The mattress may be heavy, especially in larger sizes, which could pose challenges for moving and rotating.

Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Mattress Review - Conclusion:

The Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Mattress delivers a perfect blend of luxury and support, making it a top choice for both home and hospitality use. Its natural fillings, firmness, and compliance with safety standards set it apart in the market. The 60-night comfort trial adds an appealing element, allowing you to truly experience the mattress’s benefits. Consider investing in this mattress for a rejuvenating night’s sleep, waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day.


Ah, the magic of springs! Picture this: a thousand tiny springs in perfect harmony, like a symphony for your sleep. A 1000-spring mattress offers an orchestra of support, with each spring playing its part to cradle you in comfort. It’s like having your own personal sleep maestro, ensuring no wrong notes in your nightly slumber. So yes, a 1000-spring mattress is not just good—it’s a sleep concert that deserves a standing ovation!

Ever wondered why hotel beds feel like you’re floating on a cloud of marshmallows? It’s all about the ‘wow’ factor. Hotels invest in top-notch mattresses because they know the secret recipe to happy guests: a heavenly bed. The plushness, the perfect bounce, the luxury—it’s a carefully crafted experience. Hotel mattresses are like the Beyoncé of the mattress world—every inch is fine-tuned for an unforgettable performance, leaving you in awe.

You’ve had that “Aha!” moment on a hotel bed—so, is it worth bringing that experience home? Absolutely! A hotel mattress is like inviting the essence of a luxurious hotel stay into your own bedroom. It’s an investment in your daily dose of pure comfort. Think of it as upgrading from a regular ol’ road trip to a first-class flight—you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Investing in a hotel mattress is investing in your well-deserved, high-quality rest.

Sleepeezee Mattress Sale

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