Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 1000 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress Review: Sleep Like Royalty

Are you in search of the perfect mattress that combines luxurious comfort and excellent support? Look no further! The Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 1000 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress is here to revolutionize your sleep. In this comprehensive review, we dive deep into the features, benefits, pros, and cons of this exceptional mattress to help you make an informed decision. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to ultimate relaxation!

Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 1000 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress Sale

Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 1000 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress - Key Features at a Glance:

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty details, let’s take a quick look at the standout features of the Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 1000 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress:

Firmness RatingMedium to Firm
Support System1000 Pocket Springs
Memory Foam LayerDual 4cm Layer for Comfort
Pillow Top FinishPlush and Luxurious
Hypoallergenic CoverMicro-Quilted for Allergy Prevention
Air VentsEnhanced Breathability
Easy CareNon-Turn Mattress with Rotating Handles
Dimensions (Superking)180cm Width x 200cm Length
Weight (Superking)46.77kg

Luxurious Comfort for Restful Nights:

The star of the show here is undoubtedly the 4cm dual layer of memory foam. This extra-deep memory foam layer provides unparalleled comfort, soothing away pressure points, aches, and pains. Imagine sinking into a cloud of plushness every night, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Tailored Support with 1000 Pocket Springs:

Support matters just as much as comfort, and this mattress delivers on both fronts. With 1000 individual pocket springs, it offers tailored support to your unique body shape. These springs react independently, ensuring that every part of your body receives the support it needs. Say goodbye to the discomfort of a one-size-fits-all mattress.

The Perfect Balance: Medium-Firm Feel:

Rated medium-firm, the Memory Comfort 1000 strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support. It’s the Goldilocks of mattresses—neither too soft nor too firm, offering a cozy, restful sleep experience that’s just right.

Premium Finish and Durability:

Not only does this mattress perform exceptionally well, but it also looks stunning. The pillow top finish adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom decor. Micro-quilting along the border ensures durability, while chrome-finished air vents improve airflow and breathability, keeping your mattress fresh and inviting.

Easy-Care and Hypoallergenic:

Worried about maintenance? Don’t be. This mattress is single-sided and easy to care for. Simply rotate it each month using the integrated turning handles to keep it in pristine condition. Plus, the micro-quilted cover is hypoallergenic, helping prevent allergens for your peace of mind.

60-Night Sleep Trial:

Still not sure if this is the mattress for you? The Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 1000 comes with a free 60-Night Sleep Trial. Sleep on it for at least 30 nights to get used to the feel. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can swap it for any other Sleepeezee mattress of your choice. It’s a risk-free way to experience the best sleep of your life.

Pros and Cons:

Exceptional comfort and supportMay be too firm for some
Pillow top adds a luxurious feelSingle-sided design
60-night sleep trial for peace of mind 
Hypoallergenic and breathable 
Easy maintenance with integrated handles 

Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 1000 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress Size and Weight Specifications:

SizeWidth (cm)Length (cm)Weight (kg)
Small Double12019029.78
King Size15020039.022

Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 1000 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress Review - Conclusion:

Experience a sleep revolution with the Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 1000 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress. Its flawless fusion of comfort, support, and opulence will redefine your nightly rest. Bid farewell to sleepless nights and embrace the profound, revitalizing slumber you’ve been longing for. Don’t delay any further; embark on your path to a tranquil and cozy night’s sleep right now!


A memory pocket mattress combines two popular technologies: memory foam and pocket springs. Memory foam molds to the shape of your body, providing personalized comfort by responding to your body’s heat and weight. Pocket springs are individual coils, each encased in its own fabric pocket. When combined, these technologies offer exceptional support and comfort. The memory foam layer conforms to your body, while the pocket springs provide targeted support, reducing motion transfer and enhancing overall sleep quality.

A 1000 pocket mattress refers to the number of individual pocket springs or coils within the mattress. In this case, the mattress contains 1000 individual springs, each encased in its own fabric pocket. Having more pocket springs typically means better support and distribution of weight across the mattress. It allows for precise contouring to your body’s shape and minimizes motion transfer, ensuring a more undisturbed and comfortable night’s sleep.

A pocket pillow top mattress combines the features of a pillow top mattress and pocket spring technology. A pillow top is an extra layer of cushioning on top of the mattress, usually filled with soft materials like fiberfill, foam, or even memory foam. This layer adds a luxurious, plush feel to the mattress, providing additional comfort.

When combined with pocket springs, the mattress offers the benefits of both technologies. The pocket springs provide individualized support, contouring to your body, while the pillow top adds an extra layer of comfort for a cozy and relaxing sleeping surface. The result is a mattress that combines support, comfort, and a plush, cushioned top for a restful night’s sleep.

Sleepeezee Mattress Sale

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