SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress Review: Redefining Restful Evenings

SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress

When it comes to an excellent night’s sleep, the SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress strives to embody every quality that sleep enthusiasts crave: tranquility, resilience, and a delicate embrace of comfort. This detailed SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress review aims to guide you through its unique features, ensuring that your journey towards serene nights is just a mattress away.

SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress Sale

SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress - Summary Table

Springs800 Pocket Springs
FoamHigh-Density Reflex Foam
FirmnessExtra Firm
Warranty10 Years
Trial60-Night Comfort Trial

Responsive Springs for Ultimate Comfort

The mattress boasts a robust system of 800 individual pocket springs, each reacting independently to your body. The springs operate in harmony to distribute your weight evenly, preventing the onset of pressure points and promoting a wholesome alignment of the spine – a crucial factor often overlooked in the path to uninterrupted sleep.

Rejuvenating Nights of Restful Sleep

A generous layer of high-density reflex foam graces the top of the pocket springs, providing an enveloping and adaptive surface that moulds to the unique contours of your body. This addition doesn’t only exude indulgence, but it also assures a distinct reduction in motion transfer, allowing partners to slumber undisturbed.

Unparalleled Support for Every Sleeper

The extra firm support not only nurtures those with a penchant for sturdy support but also ensures that the various sleepers amongst us, whether side, back, or stomach enthusiasts, find their restful haven. Are you inclined towards a slightly softer bed? The SleepSoul Balance 800 Pocket Memory may prove to be your dreamy alternative.

Convenience and Long-lasting Assurance

Worries of longevity and practicality are silenced by a 10 Year Warranty and the user-friendly design of this single-sided mattress. No need for flipping – a simple rotation every few months suffices to maintain its optimum condition.

60-Night Comfort Trial

Your confidence in purchasing is further bolstered by a 60-night comfort trial. Not quite the feel you anticipated? A hassle-free swap awaits after 30 nights of trial, ensuring your investment translates into restful nights.

SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress - Size Table

Small Double120cm190cm
King Size150cm200cm

Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy Support: Extra firm and ideal for those requiring rigorous back support.
  • Tailored Comfort: Individual pocket springs cater to personalized needs.
  • Low Maintenance: No flipping, only periodic rotation needed.
  • Secure Purchase: 10-year warranty and 60-night trial.


  • Firmness: May be too firm for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface.
  • Weight: Turning and handling might be challenging for some.

SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress Review - Conclusion

Indulge in a mattress that dares to redefine comfort and support, ensuring every night spent is a step towards rejuvenating mornings. The SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress is not merely a mattress but a commitment towards enhancing your sleep quality.


Yes, an 800 pocket sprung mattress can be considered good. The number of springs provides a comfortable and supportive surface that can evenly distribute body weight, reduce pressure points, and adapt to the body’s contour. Specifically, the SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress combines these pocket springs with reflex foam to offer both support and comfort, making it a standout in the 800 pocket sprung category.

Pocket sprung mattresses are highly regarded for their ability to provide individualized support. Each spring in a pocket sprung mattress operates independently, which allows the mattress to respond to different pressure points and body contours. This ensures a well-supported and comfortable night’s sleep. The SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress, for instance, takes this a step further by adding a layer of reflex foam, enhancing comfort and pressure relief.


  • Personalized Support: Each spring adjusts independently, making it excellent for contouring to the body.
  • Reduced Motion Transfer: Movement on one side of the bed is less likely to be felt on the other side, making it great for couples.
  • Durability: They tend to be more durable than some other types, given the quality of construction.
  • Breathability: The design allows for better air circulation, reducing the risk of overheating.


  • Weight: Pocket sprung mattresses can be heavy and harder to move.
  • Price: They can be more expensive than other types due to the intricate construction.
  • Initial Odor: Some may emit a slight smell initially, but this usually dissipates over time.

In relation to the SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress, many of these pros are accentuated by the addition of reflex foam and the high-quality build of the product.

Whether a pocket sprung mattress is the ‘best’ type is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Pocket sprung mattresses offer a balanced mix of support, comfort, and durability. They are particularly favored by those looking for tailored support and reduced motion transfer. However, there are other types of mattresses, such as memory foam or latex, which might be preferred by some based on their specific needs. The SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress exemplifies the benefits of pocket sprung designs, making it a top contender for those in search of this mattress type.

SleepSoul mattresses are produced by Birlea, a respected family-run furniture wholesaler operating in the UK since 1997. Birlea is committed to providing quality, comfort, and stylistic products, and the SleepSoul Super Support 800 Pocket Mattress is a testament to that, marrying innovative design with traditional craftsmanship.

SleepSoul Mattress Sale

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